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310*320mm CR-10S Pro(V2)/CR-X/CR-10V2/V3/Ender 3Max Glass Bed

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  • 310*320mm
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Milan Wallace
Take it from someone who has done a lot of printing and has used many type of print surfaces I can honestly say I love this build plate. I am on several 3D printing streams through out the week and will be starting my channel come first of the year and when we get on the subject of build surfaces I always bring up Creality heck I wave switched all my printers over to Creality printers. I would recommend Creality build plates to anyone who ask. Thanks Creality Milan Wallace 3dprintnewbie Milan
Hello, I suspect the subject already exists, but I can't find it. I just bought a creality glass plate, for my CR10s pro V2, because the original one gave me 3 impressions (I had to scratch too hard) and the latter being too smooth did not adhere the plate. I just printed a visor holder and had a lot of trouble removing the part (10h cooling). In addition I then cleaned with isopropanol and there are still marks. (Should you scrape? With which scraper? Which product?) All your advice interests me. Thank you all for your support
310*320mm Tempered Glass Build Plate for CR-10s Pro. Excellent plus de problème d’adhérence sur le plateau d'impression, plateau nettoyé avant chaque impression avec de l'alcool isopropylique pur.
Det er det der skulle til for at printe ok igen
Benjamin Martinez
Just the description, just cooldown and hoy can remover very easy the print, maybe it's very easy to Scratch with the nails
La plaque de verre est extra, aucun problème d’adhérence. Livraison rapide en 7 jours.
310*320mm CR-10S Pro(V2)/CR-X/CR-10V2/V3/Ender 3Max Glass Bed
£ 239
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