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Home Collections Creality Ender 3 V2 NEO 3D Printer
creality online store ender-3 v2 NEO 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer
creality upgraded ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer

Creality Ender 3 V2 NEO 3D Printer



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Ender-3V2 NEO

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Creality Ender 3 V2 NEO 3D Printer
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What are the upgrades for the Ender-3V2 Neo?

Configure the CREALITY CR TOUCH.
Enhanced Accuracy with CR Touch. 16-point automatic print height's compensation, ensuring the leveling accuracy.

PC Spring Steel Magnetic Build Plate
It's no longer a glass bed. The PC Spring Steel Magnetic build plate has good adhesion,  and enables a slight bend to remove the print.

4.3'' Color Knob Screen
Model Preview with New UI. The preview function makes model selection visible, allowing for progress' monitoring.

Full-metal Bowden extruder is durable.
Filaments' loading is easy with a rotary knob. More durable

►Product Parameter & Comparison

- Ender-3V2 NEO & Ender-3V2 in comparison -

Model Ender-3V2 Ender-3V2 NEO
Leveling Mode n/a CR Touch
Build Surface Tempered Glass PC Spring Steel Magnetic Build Plate
Extrusion Material Hard Plastic Full metal
Machine size 475*470*620mm 438×424×472mm
Printing Size 220*220*250mm
Display 4.3'' Color Knob Screen
Mainboard 32-bit Silent Mainboard
Connectivity Micro USB/TF Card
Z-axes Single Z Axes Design
Resume Printing Yes
Filament Sensor n/a



1. Sonic Pad Setup with Ender 3 V2 Neo Tutorial from Just Print [@Just Vlad] 

ender 3 v2 neo 3d printer,  upgraded ender-3v2 3d printerender-3v2 neo 3d printer, upgraded ender-3v2 3d printerEnder-3V2Neo Product Parameters

Molding Technology: FDM
Build Volume:: 220*220*250mm
Machine Dimension: 438×424×472mm
Package Dimension: 520×505×280mm
Net Weight: 7.85kg
Gross Weight: 9.85kg
Printing Speed: 120mm/s
Printing Precison: ±0.1mm
Layer Height: 0.1mm-0.4mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Power Supply Brand:     CREALITY
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm (standard)
Nozzle Temperature: 260°C
Heat Bed Temperature: 100°C
Build Surface: PC Spring Steel Magnetic Build Plate
Extruder: Bowden Extruder
Extrusion Material: Full-metal
Leveling Mode: CR Touch
Display: 4.3'' Color Knob Screen
Mainboard: 32-bit Silent Mainboard
Resume Printing: Yes
Rated Voltage: 115/230V,50/60Hz
Rated Power: 350W/24V
Slicing Software: Creality slicer/ Cura/ Simplefy 3d
Data Transmission Method: Micro USB/TF Card
3D File Format: STL/OBJ/AMF
Supported Filament: PLA/PETG/ABS
Supported LanguageChinese, English

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DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT PRINTER. CR TOUCH RUINS EVERYTHING AND THERE IS NO Z-STOP BUILT IN. YOU ARE PERMANENTLY FUCKED USING THIS IF YOU EVER FILAMENT CHANGE. THE Z PARAMETER DOESN'T STAY THE SAME. I've owned 3 creality printers, and this one is permanently broken, it won't print correctly and I've run a 3d printing company for 2 years so I know exactly what I am doing. FUCK THIS PRINTER IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN SOLD.
This is my first 3d printer and I was expecting headache. While reading reviews a few things kept coming up on budget lower priced printers. They work great till they don't, they break or something goes wrong and beginners screaming help into the void. It's not the printers fault so much as this is the reality of 3d printing of 2022 you get great results but nothing is fool proof plug in play yet. You have to rely on how many units are out there for someone to help you out and the Ender 3 is everywhere. When I got the v2 NEO I was expecting a hard time setting up and go right to troubleshooting. First of all the instruction to put it together was 4 screws and 4 plugs as the riser and base just need to be plugged and screwed together. That's all! And it came with the allen wrenches and tools to fix and adjust stuff. But no where did it have instructions on how to load the filament, leveling procedures etc. Youtube is your best friend for this and the tutorials on there are more than adequate. Once everything was setup properly. I used everything Creality to begin with: the provided filament, and preloaded stl with default settings. Just to see if out of the box before I mess with it will it print and it came out beautiful. My benchy and bunny on the NEO look great. Now I know its possible to print nice I'll tune it accordingly. Honestly how easy it was to use and setup I think this should be your base level printer even if the cheaper versions are tempting , this was nice. For just printing PLA I don't really want to mess with it.

First printer for me! Print really great on PLA with the default setting ans is easy to level. The NEO version is in my opinion really worth the few extra $$.
This printer is an excellent choice for a beginner. Much better quality than you would think for this low price.
I decided to get into this during the black friday sale of 2022. Ended up ordering the E3V2 Neo, and so far it has been perfect. I have been constantly printing with different materials and have had zero issues. I was able to print my first benchy, and have since printed many little projects, and have had no issues. Would recommend this 100%. Will look to getting a larger one in the future.
Jason Smith
This is a difficult review for me to write as I have very mixed feelings about this printer. I performed quite a bit of research on the best first printer as I'm very new to the hobby. I finally decided on this unit and placed my order. When my unit arrived there were several out-of-the-box issues. The first issue was a broken drawer knob, the second was open plugging in I found that the front fan on the hot end wouldn't spin. Then, after the first print, the extruder broke. I reached out to customer service to vent my frustration and for days my inquiries went un-responded. At this point I just assumed I was on my own, as a beginner with a broken "beginner" friendly machine. I have since replaced the extruder, the bowden tube and re-soldered the fan to make it operational. So after a week, multiple parts ordered and so many hours wasted I now have an operational printer. Customer service finally did respond and offered to send me a replacement extruder. I'm sorry but this is no way to make it right or take care of the customer. As of now, I have no future plans to buy from this vendor or any creality/ender products. It's pretty clear based on my experience they don't care about Quality control or taking care of their customers.
MAX nancy
Q Does Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo have WIFI?
A The Creality Ender 3, Pro, S1, and V2 can all support a Wi-Fi connection, though there are a few different options, which we'll look at in the following sections. Let's get started!
Q What material can Ender 3 V2 Neo print?
A Both Ender 3 NEO and Ender 3 V2 NEO are compatible with 1.75 mm filament, and can extrude at a temperature of 260 ºC on a bed heated to up to 100 ºC, which allows the user to work with filaments such as PLA, ABS and PETg
Q What is the difference between Ender 3 Neo and Ender 3 V2 Neo reddit?
A Improved Bed-Leveling System: The V2 has an improved bed-leveling system that uses a manual knob and a visual indicator, while the Neo relies on manual adjustment. Better Quality Parts: The V2 uses higher quality components such as a better extruder assembly and a sturdier frame.
Norketta Edwards
Q What is the best Ender 3 V2 firmware upgrade?
A Each 3D printer is unique, so the best firmware for your Ender 3 V2 will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some of the most popular firmware options for Ender 3 V2 include: Marlin, Klipper, Jyers, TH3D, and Creality. Marlin is a popular open-source firmware, and is used by many Ender 3 V2 owners.
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