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Home Blog Ender 5PLUS: Firmware Download and Upgrades
Ender 5PLUS: Firmware Download and Upgrades
Nick Rudd - Mon May 15 19:09:50 UTC 2023
Ive sd carded the Screen, Thats all done but Creality slicer cant find my PC even though the PC knows its there. So i cant do the board upgrades. How do i get the PC and printer to talk properly? Windows 10 tower.
Kevin - Tue Apr 25 00:17:42 UTC 2023
How do I get my ender 5 plus to switch to english AND STAY THERE?
Jerry - Mon Jan 02 15:44:47 UTC 2023
WOW! All these comments are seriously making me reconsider purchasing this machine or not...leaning heavily towards the not now.
Adam Humphrey - Sun Nov 20 21:36:10 UTC 2022
How to install the bl touch fix?? I tried Installing the Kersey firmware to fix the BL touch offset my ender 5 plus is only new and doesnt like anything apart from the stock firmware? I can't even use an octopi properly
frits - Fri Sep 23 21:47:40 UTC 2022
the issue on the z axis screws, i bought some bicycle spray, and immediatly the sound was away, i also bought a tent for it to keep away the dust, now i am thinking about a silent motherboard, but one where i can handle the left and right zaxis separatly
Bob Bullock - Mon Sep 05 02:57:59 UTC 2022
Someone needs to upgrade this to marlin 2. Get full use of that BL Touch.
Istvan Nagy - Fri Oct 14 06:38:10 UTC 2022
Since upgrade the display showing only Chinese languages. The STL files from SD card is not visible. Please help me!
Henrik - Tue Aug 09 22:06:49 UTC 2022
Ok, so thanks to some digging and the fine folks over at Tiny Machines 3D I figured out how to ditch this version of the firmware and switch to their version instead - which seems to include the English fix, probe offset fix, and many other goodies! NOTE! Tiny Machines sell their own variant of the Ender 5 Plus with the silent board preinstalled, and what appears to be some tweaks to the Z-axis, but they do provide firmwares for other vendors - both the Stock configuration (which I have), and the Stock + a silent board. It is also important to note that when upgrading the firmware (official or the TM3D version) you NEED to apply the LCD upgrade separately. By separately I do mean _completely_ separately, since it's its own device with its own hidden SD card slot! Rough steps outlined below. Also see TM3D's instructions for the Ender 5 Plus (their variant and stock/silent boards) Flashing the HEX file (driver board firmware). This is done using a slicer software or a separate flasher (I used Creality's slicer). No SD card needed, just the USB mini cable and a computer. Select the .hex file corresponding to your board (stock/silent/TM3D) variant and upload it over the USB serial connection. You may need USB serial drivers for this to work first, details in the TMD3D instructions above. This should fix the issue with reverting the language, etc. Flashing the LCD. This updates the actual screens you see, and you really need this for the new features in the TM3D firmware. 1: Backup your SD card! It needs to be wiped and formatted as FAT 32 (MBR partition table). (Mine already was but this didn't work before I actually quick formatted it and added a clean partition.) 2: Unpack and put the entire DWIN_SET folder onto the SD card, nothing else. 3: Power off and UNPLUG your printer! Flip it on its side, preferably slightly over a table edge so the top servo isn't damaged. 4: Unscrew the bottom plate (6 small screws). Beware, there is a small fan cable going from it to the driver board, unplug if needed. 5: Unplug one of the power button leads to reach the hidden SD card slot on the LCD board. 6: Insert the SD card with the DWIN_SET folder on. Printed side facing towards you. Make sure it's seated, carefully. It'll pop back out if pushed in again. 7: Re-attach the power button lead. 8: Stand back, plug in the printer, watch the screen and power it on. DO NOT TOUCH anything under the printer while doing this! 9: The screen should start listing file types it finds and how many it is able to download off the SD card. The actual BMP files will begin to flash across the display as it fetches them. When this flashing stops you are ok to turn it back off and unplug it. (If all counters after the filetypes are zeroes and no images are shown, turn off, check the SD card and try again.) 10: Do the above in reverse to get the SD-card out, re-assemble. 11: Enjoy the new firmware (and look) of the printer! NOTE: Please do read through the links provided in the TM3D instructions and the associated "New Customer" documentation above, they explain the differences compared to the stock firmware.
Henrik - Tue Aug 09 20:15:23 UTC 2022
Please fix this and add some actual documentation by someone who speaks English. The instructions in this post makes no sense and the firmware is garbage, as seen by the many frustrated comments here! Did anyone actually test this before releasing it? It's unusable and there is no way to revert back to the stock firmware, which at least kept the correct language selected. The Ender 5 Plus felt like a great product but this makes it very hard to recommend Creality in the future, or even take the company seriously since the machine is barely functional after this "update".
Tyler - Mon Jul 04 02:34:57 UTC 2022
Is there still no fix for the Chinese/English issue? I just installed the silent board and now everything is in Chinese. Please help!
Elias - Sun Jun 05 15:06:43 UTC 2022
Hallo, I have an Ender 5 Plus and was relay happy with the Prints, but now it often stops mid Print. Sometimes after it is nearly finisht or on the 5th layer. The message it shows is the same that you get after a Power outage, but I know there was no Power outage. And sometimes the screen freezes and stops the Printer. I notice when I was near the Printer and it was turned on with no Print, the BLtouch diploid and reset. Could this be a power problem? I don’t know what the Problem is and tried flashing a new Ender 5 Plus Firmware, but it didnt help. Anny advice? Thanks in advance best Regard Elias.
Deividas Žalga - Sat May 21 10:52:38 UTC 2022
Hello, Z axis not working properly, and Chinese language.......PLEASE HELP!!!!
Speedbully - Tue Apr 26 01:31:41 UTC 2022
I agree with jehu. I purchased the Ender 5 plus several years ago. Worked well for a year and the mother board failed with no nozzle temp probe reading. Replaced with a silent board that's all was available. Will not print properly ever since. Customer support is absolutely horrible. One firmware update for this machine in over 4 years ?? Seriously ?? I won't download the latest firmware 09 Mar 2022 because of the reviews , apparently the latest firmware update makes things worse because I don't speak Chinese either. So this $600. dollar 3d printer has been idle for almost a year and is probably not even good for parts because who can run one otherwise without firmware.?? I'm certainly see a huge future in additive manufacturing (3d printing) and I will be purchasing a mid level 3d printer almost immediately. I certainly WON'T BY A 3D PRINTER FROM CREALITY because your customer support S*cks in a horrible way. This ENDER 5 PRO WILL END-ER UP SCRAP
David Bryer - Mon Apr 25 18:05:15 UTC 2022
Same issue here with the language reverting back to Chinese from English. A LOT OF US DON'T SPEAK CHINESE, NOR DO WE WANT TO LEARN! WE NEED A FIX ASAP!
DarkPhoinix - Sun Apr 10 06:14:35 UTC 2022
Not buy this printer is bad! Glass is bombed and never you can leveling him. Fix or I want money back
Creality Official - Sat May 07 10:00:58 UTC 2022
Hi, may i know what problem you have met? you could reach us, we will try best to help?
jehu - Sat Apr 09 17:30:19 UTC 2022
09 Mar, 2022 Ender-5 PlusMarlin1.1.6-HW-V2.2-SW-V1.70.3BLTouchMulti.rar - a month later and the language default glitch that was identified at launch has not been a priority to remedy and thus your consumers cannot download the most recent firmware (v1.7.3) from the actual supplier, so your solution is sending people to download a third party firmware update (KF v1.7.1) that is two versions old? - your DWIN download has zero instruction on how to update the software on the touch screen, and though you have customers asking how to make it work, you cannot answer, or correct the software so it can be easily added through crealitys slicer? The fact that the machine is almost unusable out of the box due to the zprobe offset issue, the zaxis tuning and consumers cannot fix this from the supplier is horrifically embarrassing. Im SERIOUSLY beginning to think I selected the wrong brand, customer service and support is king, I feel like you guys just took my money and ran. please correct this, this is disgraceful.
Andrew Hayes - Thu Apr 07 22:21:40 UTC 2022
The DWIN set with the latest firmware 1.70.3 do I just put this on an SD card and place in the touch screens SD card slot?
Rost - Wed Apr 06 22:23:39 UTC 2022
I fixed bad language . rename C/E files for lcd dwin firmware and woalaa !
Jim Hays - Sat Apr 02 21:01:36 UTC 2022
set the new ender 5 plus up and it printed two of the three test prints that was sent with the printer. Now it only make a mess when printing. I ha cleaned and replaced the nozzle, changed the pla, re leveled the printer. I have tried to update the firmware but cannot seem to find or get any help. Any help making this printer actually work would be appreciated. Thanks Jim
Andrei - Sat Apr 02 12:58:08 UTC 2022
I don't see real support, answers, real time firmare upgrade.... i will not recommend Creality... Prusa is real high level support, issues solver.... a second time I would buy prusa
Andrei - Thu Mar 31 17:05:12 UTC 2022
After print starts stop or pause command doesn't work. Also have problems for bed temperature too small after few layers, for PETG goes to 25 degrees, I would like to have control over this temperature, it cools down and print part loose it's contact with bed after a few hours I loose the print because of this. I have last firmware 09.MAR.2022
Mike - Mon Mar 28 19:14:42 UTC 2022
Nach der Installation des Firmware-Update vom 09 Mar, 2022 Ender-5 PlusMarlin1.1.6-HW-V2.2-SW-V1.70.3BLTouchMulti.rar ist am Anfang Language auf Chinesisch eingestellt. Stellt man jetzt auf Englisch um bleibt die die Sprache nicht gespeichert sobald man im Menü etwas anklickt. Und stellt sich dann wieder automatisch auf Chinesisch. Gibt es da schon eine Lösung scheine ja nicht der einzige zu sein. Viele Grüße... After installing the firmware update from 09 Mar, 2022 Ender-5 PlusMarlin1.1.6-HW-V2.2-SW-V1.70.3BLTouchMulti.rar is set to Chinese at the beginning Language. If you now switch to English, the language is not saved as soon as you click on something in the menu. And then automatically switches back to Chinese. If there is already a solution, it does not seem to be the only one. Regards...
Andrei - Thu Mar 24 13:34:31 UTC 2022
Hi, my Ender 5 plus doesn't work on X Y 350x350... when it goes to 0,0 is outside of bed area... What can I do? A firmware to change printer size can be done? to make x=310 and y=330. Please help
Andrei - Thu Mar 24 12:17:34 UTC 2022
Hi, Everything seems ok, on my Ender 5 plus, but the Chineese language is always setting by itself... please make a fix. Thank you.
Vidar Brügger Lilletvedt - Sun Mar 20 20:34:20 UTC 2022
I need a working firmware for my ender 5 plus, only Chineese here also and z axis cant be saved. hurry up and thanks in advance. best regards DarthVidar :D
Dwayne Turner - Sat Mar 19 22:56:40 UTC 2022
Where's the fix for the English language glitch that causes the software to revert back to Chinese every time you change menus Creality?
Marc - Mon Mar 14 22:27:25 UTC 2022
I am having the same English Language issue too. Recommend not installing this if you need English menus until they fix it.
Catherine - Sat Mar 12 23:33:43 UTC 2022
The firmware update is defaulting back to Chianese Language. Any idea what I can do to fix it? I change it to English and at first it is in English but as soon has I choose some other option it defaults back to Chianese.
Jonathan - Sat Mar 12 10:13:26 UTC 2022
Hello guy's, I try to update my ender-5 plus this morning, everything works great but when I set English language it goes back to Chinese automatically when I change of menu ... Any ideas to fix it ? thank's
Paul Paardekooper - Sat Feb 12 01:33:16 UTC 2022
Z axis not working properly, where can I find solution for this
rafael - Sun Jan 30 12:38:39 UTC 2022
my printer z axis does not work properly. can I send you back my main board so you guys can replace it with new firmware for me and ship it back? I've tried everything and nothing works on the z axis.
Daub , Nils - Mon Jan 10 14:00:47 UTC 2022
Please .. the Firmeware link does not work .
Murilo Dias - Thu Dec 02 15:24:48 UTC 2021
Dears, please. I would like to receive the firmware from the Ender 5 Plus I am using the software Cura slicer. The link on the site is unfortunately broken. Thanks for listening Looking forward to the return. Best regards
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