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CV-01 Carving Machine-170mm*200mm(U.S. STOCK ONLY)

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Creality 3D Laser engraving machine: 1.6W CV-01 Carving Machine 

Eye protection baffle: uniquely designed eye protection baffle to provide 360 ​​° safety protection. 

Laser scale: laser engraving is used on the profile, which is convenient for measuring the size of the object and assisting in positioning the engraving area. 

Large engraving area: The engraving area can reach 170mm * 200mm, which can meet the needs of large-area engraving. Intelligent path planning: Intelligent algorithm optimizes the working path, automatically skips the blank area, and speeds up the engraving scale. 

Resume printing after power-off

Engraving with multiple image modes: supports multiple image engraving modes, currently available in outline, grayscale and black and white.

Product Parameter

Power requirements: 100-240V50/60Hz
Operation system: Windows system
Working temperature range: 0℃-35℃
Working humidity range: 20%-90%
Engraving area:170mm*200mm
Laser source: Semiconductor laser
Laser wave: 450nm
Output power: 1.6W
Supported fle format: jpeg、jpg、png、bmp、svg
Supported material type Cardboard ,Wood boardBamboo board ,rubber plate ,leather,fabric,acrylic,plastic ,etc.

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Jonathan Brooks
I absolutely love this machine. It is very simple to use and does a beautiful job. I have carved some images that have come with it on a white end table and came out perfect. I even enlarged them from the size provided
CV-01 Carving Machine-170mm*200mm(U.S. STOCK ONLY)
£ 239
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