Creality3D HALOT-ONE: CL-60 Resin 3D Printer

NEW LIGHT SOURCE: 20% Higher Precision, 30% Higher Uniformity, and Higher Saturation. Z-axis Module; OTA Online Upgrade; "HALOT BOX" Slicing Software

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Creality Halot Series Resin: Budget Halot One Resin

HALOT Resin 3d printer packed with useful features such as 120W Power Super spotlight NEW Light Source Structure, Wi-Fi connectivity allowing for one-click firmware updates, Linux operating System and Creality New Slicer, etc. And "HALOT One" is a mini version compare to the "HALOT sky" in print size & design.
NEW Light Source Structure: 120W Power Super spotlight. The self-developed integral light source, Precision light control
High agility slicing, Creality New Slicing System: A Simplified user interface and Easy Modeling function, and supports the parameter customized. High-stability Z-axis for high-quality printing. Single linear rail +T type screw+coupling
WIFI-APP intelligent control. Supports Creality Cloud.
OTA online upgrade: New Firmware/new system. one-click upgrade. Get better experience in firmware upgrade
Smart Operation System -Linux: 64-bit 4-core CPU+GPU Mainboard supports the faster operation and greatly improves printing efficiency.
Great Operation Experience: Linux System For a better AI Experience, a 5-inch high definition colorful touch screen keep easy works.

- Creality Halot One Printer Parameter Setting - Speed and Exposure time

- Halot Box Slicer Manual Supports

- Creality Halot Series User Group

You are welcome to share your unique models or some printing tips that are helpful to others member of this group. Currently, It is one of our most active Creality communities on Facebook, You won't feel lonely in our family and we would love to hear your voice if you have any wonderful suggestions or advice.


Product Parameters

Print size: 127*80*160mm

Engine noise: < 60dB

Lamps Quantity: 6 PCS

Filaments: 405nm wavelength, standard rigid resin, dental mold resin...

Auto-leveling: Machine Assisted manual leveling

Power Output: 24V, 1.3A; Power supply: 100W

Files Transfer: USB

XY-axis precision: 0.01-0.05mm

UI style: Creality UI Style

Creality Halot One - Resin 3D Printer: Setup, Test and Review

Halot one Product Reviews and Test, Halot Box Slicer & Creality Cloud reviews

Creality HALOT-ONE resin printer. What is new? Resin 3D printing? What is it and is it better than FDM? Read More

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Frequently asked questions:

Q: How to Upgrade Firmware Creality Halot-One?

A: Upgraded via USB Cable, video guide:
Upgraded via Wifi(OTA Upgraded), video guide:

Q: why my prints are not sticking on the bed?

A: 1. Please check the bed level of the resin printer. The bed level is needed to parallel to your LCD screen otherwise it is not sticking at all. Check your offset distance between your LCD screen and the build plate, whether there is too much gap between the LCD. Bed leveling guide:
2.Whether you have cleaned out your resin vats and there are bits of cured resin still stuck to the bottom chances. If not a bed leveling problem. You need to check that the base layer exposure time that you apply to the first six to eight layers of every print you run. and properly set up your bottom exposure settings.
3. Some resin can stick very quickly like the faster (with 45-50 seconds exposure time). If you use a different kind of resin/different brand resin. We recommend that you can refer to their listing out the setting of the base layer and layer exposure times.
4. The FEP sheet is too loose. Please check whether your FTP tension before messing with your raised height ( during the peeling process) or whether it needs to replace a new one.

Q: How to Upgrade Firmware Creality Halot-One?

A: Upgraded via USB Cable, video guide:
Upgraded via Wifi(OTA Upgraded), video guide:

Q: What slicer software can be used for Halot resin? Can I use the Chitubox Slicer?

A: Halot Series 3D Printer only supports Halot Box and Lychee Slicer now. Halot Series Resin Printer configured with our Halot Box Slicer (Creality self-development software) and it will be constantly improved and released to our user. And you could also use the Lychee Slicer, now it is compatible. (Support Halot Series: Halot one, Halot Sky, Halot Max)

HALOT Slicer Box/Manual
for MAC users、 for win64 computer
Halot One Firmware
Latest firmware updates by connecting computer with USB cable
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Creality3D HALOT-ONE: CL-60 Resin 3D Printer
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