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By: Ben Creality3d

Lucky 7, Lucky You - Ender-7 3D Printer Event


Creality3d official LUCKY 7 event

With the advent of July, Creality announced the debut of Ender-7, the latest version of the renowned Ender Series. As Ender-7 product page added in our store, we decided to share our joy in this lucky July. Hurry up and participate in this event to win a coupon reward up to $77.

"Creality Ender-7 New Experience in High-Speed 3D Printer"

"Lucky 7, Lucky You"

  1. What's the most impressive feature you believe in Ender-7 3D Printer?
  2. What kind of new 3d printing experience do you think Ender-7 will bring to you?
  3. Which accessory do you want the most to install for Ender-7?
  4. Which property do you believe is the most crucial for an outstanding 3D printer?
  5. Did you own Ender Series 3D Printer? What would you give if rate your Ender printer from 1 to 10?

*Event Guide (Expired)

  • To participate in this event, answer to the questions in the “Lucky 7, Lucky You" area, win up to $77 coupon. Please mention the corresponding question number you are answering in your comment.
  • We will select 7 lucky winners who posted the most valuable comment to give out 1*$77 coupon,and 6*$37 coupon.
  • One participator can only get a maximum of one coupon from the "Lucky 7" event.
  • "Lucky 7" Coupons is only available for Ender-7 purchase.
  • Winners will receive the coupon from the email filled in when posting a comment.
  • All rights reserved by Creality3d official store.
    *Thanks for participating in this event! We have selected 7 lucky participants to give out Ender-7 coupons:
    Logen, Program Wetteng, Michael Quint, John, Ben, oliver, Daniel

Read More about Ender 7

  1. Shawn Frey,"Creality Reveals the Ender 7 – a CoreXY 3D Printer With Some Big Claims", Jun 24 2021, ALL3DP
  2. Emily the engineer, "Ender 7 First Impressions | Creality's Fastest Printer?",Jun 26 2021, Youtube
  3. Creality, "Creality Ender-7: Beyond Fast",June 29 2021

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