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By: Creality Official

Ender-2 PRO: Small/mini 3d prnter.


Creality Ender-2 Pro, Released as an upgraded version of original Ender 2 in mid-2021, the Ender 2 Pro is a small-format (165x165x180mm print size) and with 3D printers with a cantilever X-axis.. Ender-2 Pro have a small footprint, is a small-format 3D printer in Creality Ender Series.

Read on to learn about the what's new of our Ender-2 PRO.

Stable construction, Reinforced Z-axis

The stable design of the cantilever X-axis guarantees low-vibration movement and thus delivers high accuracy. With a single Z-axis lead screw that moves an X-axis carriage (where the printhead moves side-to-side) up and down.

Timing Belt Tensioner

The Ender 2 Pro comes with built-in belt tensioner adjusters on the X- and Y-axes. Slack in the belt of a movement axis on a 3D printer can lead to noticeable printing defects, like layer shifting. Belt tensioners allow you to easily adjust the tension in your printer’s belts without having to take apart any components on your machine.

Flexiable, Magnetic Print Bed

The flexible and magnetic print bed of the Ender 2 Pro can be removed from the printing plate after printing. This way you can easily detach your print objects from the print bed.

The print bed is flexible and magnetic. It can be easily removed after printing to conveniently detach the print object. Also, the magnets are attached so that it is easy to put the print bed back in exactly the same place where it was before. Overall, this feature is a very big plus.

Print Quality &Filament Supports

The print quality of the Ender 2 Pro is very good for its price range with 0.1 mm layer thicknesses. In the Ender 2 Pro, two lightweight fans are directly installed for part cooling.

The efficient part cooling and the stable construction allow the smallest details. The accuracy is comparable to 3D printers in the next price range, such as the Ender 3 V2. comparable to 3D printers in the next price range, such as the Ender 3 V2.

Small Printing Size, Small dimensions, Wide Applicate For Different ages

More Infomation:

Manual Leveling Ways: Ender 2 Pro relies on manual bed leveling through rotatable leveling crews below the bed.

Connectivity: MicroSD card, Micro-USB

Resume printing: Supported

Filament detector: No

Board: 32 Bit

Foldable spool holder & Tool Box

Ender-2 Pro Product Testing & Reviews:

Upgraded Supports

- Creality CR Touch Auto Leveling Kits

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opinion_panda - Fri Jan 21 09:20:26 UTC 2022

Is there any way to get an image of the Ender-2 pro SD Card?

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